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Training with Adam enhanced my understanding of footwork, technical skills and fundamentals in ALL sports, not just boxing. I really enjoyed learning how to increase power and precision simultaneously. Adam has a great demeanor and teaching spirit and is great to work with on a personal level. You know when you’re working with the best!

Allan Houston – NBA Retired Professional Basketball

“I had been an amateur boxer way back in high school and college (19 wins, 4 losses). I thought I knew something about the sport until I began training with Adam Colberg. He showed me the wide gaps in my knowledge, improved my technique ten-fold, and got me into the best condition of my life — and I’m 74!”

Philip Caputo – Award Winning Author & Pulitzer Prize Winner

“As Angelo Dundee’s former head boxing trainer, I’ve developed coaches and worked with the best. Adam Colberg’s boxing instruction, mitts, and strategies are absolutely world-class, as is his strength and conditioning. I’ve trained Adam, but I’ve also learned from him — and you can too.”

Luis Lagerman – Legendary Professional Boxing Trainer

I trained with Adam several times over the past few years, and each encounter he has pushed my skills to new heights. Adam is an intelligent trainer who’s great with mitts, and can analyze strategy and training regimens, with regard to particular skill sets and body types. Adam is the real deal, anyone who’s serious about improving their boxing game would benefit from training with him. He’s a great trainer and a good dude. Quit reading this and go see the man!

Doug Anderson – MMA Fighter, Fight Quest Discovery Channel Host

I just want to express my thanks and to again let you know what a terrific time I am having working out with you. It’s great fun training with you and your team of coaches. I honestly can’t believe how quickly you have helped get me into shape. Needless to say, your reputation as one of the best trainers around is well deserved. Also, you and your team have been amazing with my children – teaching them skills, boosting their confidence and always ensuring their sessions are safe and fun. While the ‘news’ has been out for some time about what a terrific job you do, I just wanted to again voice my personal thanks for all of your help and the great job you do.

Jonathan Dienst – Emmy Award-Winning, NBC News Contributing Correspondent

Adam Colberg will get you in the shape of your life! After I had my third child, I signed up with Adam Colberg to get back in shape hoping I would lose all my baby weight. Well, I did and dropped a whole other dress size beyond that. Adam Colberg knows how to push you without pushing you too far and makes working out great fun. Whatever it is, he’s got “it..”

Brigitte Quinn – 1010WINS Radio & Former Fox News Live Anchor

I was referred to Adam Colberg when I was searching for a trainer who would deliver an incredible result. I also needed a personal trainer who would accommodate my training needs with a very demanding schedule. I was told Adam Colberg was the trainer, and he was the Best. Personal training with Adam Colberg is Amazing! Adam Colberg is brilliant, encouraging, motivating and inspiring. He ties in a level of energy, experience, knowledge, and professionalism that far exceeded my expectations. He is the by far the best trainer I’ve ever worked with, and now I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m confident knowing that with every media event I have or attend, I look my absolute Best. Thanks Adam!”

Dr. Barbara Greenberg, PhD – Best Selling Co-Author of the book “Teenage as a Second Language”

“I never felt in better shape than when I trained with Adam Colberg. His strength/fitness/conditioning methods and techniques are state of the art. When I trained with him, I felt stronger, faster, and more explosive. He is the ultimate one-stop personal training shop. Furthermore, he is a highly motivating, passionate person, who cares about the people he works with, and what he does professionally. This is why he’s so successful.”

Vivian Harris – Former WBA World Champion (Professional Record 29-5-1)

The strength and conditioning training I received from Adam was pivotal in my success. His out of the box philosophy of training, gave me that advantage and edge needed, to set me apart from the rest of the guys. He definitely helped me take my game to the next level. Adam Colberg is an exceptional trainer that I would recommend for either professional elite athletes, or recreational ones.

Idris Price – NFL Player/Tampa Bay Bucks

“Adam Colberg’s boxing mitt and footwork is off the charts! His multiple combination placement of the pads are so realistic, fast, and smooth. I do encourage all pro and amateur fighters to seize opportunity to train with him.”

Anne Marie Saccurato – Three time WBC World Champion

Adam Colberg is an elite personal trainer, pro boxing coach, and strength & conditioning expert. Colberg has been featured in/on Men’s Fitness, MTV, NBC, HBO, History Channel, Howcast Media, Westport Magazine, Greenwich Times, Healthy Life, and Serendipity Magazine.


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