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Men's Fitness: Ask Men’s by Adam Colberg

Boxers are always jumping rope-why? Is it really such a great conditioning exercise? I’m not even sure how I’d start. “Watch any boxer in training, and sooner or later he’ll reach for a rope,” says boxing coach Adam Colberg of Greenwich, CT. “Pro boxers often do 10 to 15 minutes a day.”

Greenwich Times: Gym Aficionados Create Ideal Workout Spaces To Sweat by Gretchen A Peck

Adam Colberg is a former U.S. Marine, and one of the most sought-after fitness and boxing coaches in the country. His clients include professional athletes and television...

Men's Fitness: Take Me Through Throwing The Perfect Boxing Punch by Hank R

“All punches were not created equal,” says Adam Colberg, a pro boxing coach at NYC’s legendary Gleason’s Gym. His perfect punch is an explosive right cross for a right-handed guy, or a left cross for a southpaw.

New Canaan News: The People’s Champ: New Canaan Trainer Bridges Boxing & Fitness

Adam Colberg doesn’t like being hit in the face — an odd trait for a man who has made a living in the boxing ring. “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face. That’s not me, that’s Mike Tyson who said that,” said Colberg...

Westport Magazine: Miami by Briqitte Quinn

His clients include television personalities, business moguls and even teenagers who want to build their self-esteem to ward off bullies. Westport native Adam Colberg’s been in the business of getting people into the shape of their lives for twenty years. Working out with Colberg...

Westport Magazine: An Uppercut Above

One, two, keep those hands up, the trainer says from the sidelines. Stay on your toes, work on the hook, the jab, the right cross. No, it’s not a clip of Mickey coaching the fictional Rocky Balboa. Nor is it a scene from a documentary. Owner/trainer Adam Colberg, a Westport native, says that he offers the ultimate fitness...

Serendipity Greenwich: Summer-Ready Arms by Adam Colberg

Adam Colberg put together the Sculpted-Arm Circuit for Serendipity readers add his 20-minute, four-part regimen to your daily cardio workout for toned and tighter arms. 1. Military Push-Ups. Bath Towel, 10-20 reps...

ct Post: Pulling No Punches Boxing workout great for fitness, weight loss by Wendy Carlson

I’d never considered myself a contender, but I’d just thrown my first left jab and it made a satisfying pop in my trainer’s mitt. After about 10 minutes of ducking, bobbing and...

Serendipity Greenwich: Into The Ring by Nicole Gull McElroy

Adam Colberg first got a taste for boxing while in the U.S. Marine Corps. But it wasn’t until 12 years ago, when he first visited South Florida Boxing in Miami Beach, that the martial artist decided to open his own gym to...

Westport Magazine: The Dream Team Trainers By Melissa Perkins

Adam Colberg owner, Trainer and Promoter of BoxLikeAPro and formerly Westport Boxing is outstanding because of the team of pros I have on my staff. From A to Z, they’re all here...

Westport Magazine: One-Two Punch By Sherri Daley

What do a dentist, a Westport housewife, and a four-year-old boy have in common? If you said boxing gloves, you’re pretty hip. Squash might be the sport to practice if you’re looking for a college scholarship...

Fairfield County Weekly: Best Martial Arts Studio By Weekly Staff

Westport Boxing and MMA is a gym unlike any other in the area. For starters, they’ve got a staff of professional fighters to motivate and train clients one-on-one, and they...


"Training with Adam enhanced my understanding of footwork, technical skills and fundamentals in ALL sports, not just boxing. I really enjoyed learning how to increase power and precision simultaneously. Adam has a great demeanor and teaching spirit and is great to work with on a personal level. You know when you’re working with the best!"

NBA Professional Basketball Player
Allan Houston

“I had been an amateur boxer way back in high school and college (19 wins, 4 losses). I thought I knew something about the sport until I began training with Adam Colberg. He showed me the wide gaps in my knowledge, improved my technique ten-fold, and got me into the best condition of my life — and I’m 74!”

Award Winning Author & Pulitzer Prize Winner
Philip Caputo

”Adam Colberg will get you in the shape of your life! After I had my third child, I signed up with Adam Colberg to get back in shape hoping I would lose all my baby weight. Well, I did and dropped a whole other dress size beyond that. Adam Colberg knows how to push you without pushing you too far and makes working out great fun. Whatever it is, he’s got it..”

Former Fox News Live Anchor
Brigitte Quinn

“I never felt in better shape than when I trained with Adam Colberg. His strength/fitness/conditioning methods and techniques are state of the art. When I trained with him, I felt stronger, faster, and more explosive. He is the ultimate one-stop personal training shop. Furthermore, he is a highly motivating, passionate person, who cares about the people he works with, and what he does professionally. This is why he’s so successful.”

Former WBA World Champion
Vivian Harris

Adam Colberg is an elite personal trainer, pro boxing coach, and strength & conditioning expert. Colberg has been featured in/on Men’s Fitness, MTV, NBC, HBO, History Channel, Howcast Media, Westport Magazine, Greenwich Times, Healthy Life, and Serendipity Magazine.


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