The People’s Champ: New Canaan Trainer Bridges Boxing & Fitness
Adam Colberg doesn’t like being hit in the face — an odd trait for a man who has made a living in the boxing ring. “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face. That’s not me, that’s Mike Tyson who said that,” said Colberg, seated in the cafe of New Canaan’s Oxygen Fitness, where he works. “I dabble with fighting, but I would never consider myself a fighter. Even though I can move better than a lot of pros, I don’t like getting hit. So I realized at one point I shouldn’t fight, I should train people.” Colberg, who was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Westport, is one of the country’s premier boxing and fitness trainers and has been featured in Men’s Fitness and Healthy Life Magazine and on HBO, MTV and the History Channel. Click here for more.

Ask Men’s Fitness by Adam Colberg
Boxers are always jumping rope-why? Is it really such a great conditioning exercise? I’m not even sure how I’d start. “Watch any boxer in training, and sooner or later he’ll reach for a rope,” says boxing coach Adam Colberg of Greenwich, CT. “Pro boxers often do 10 to 15 minutes a day.” Click here to read more.

Gym Aficionados Create Ideal Workout Spaces To Sweat by Gretchen A Peck

Adam Colberg is a former U.S. Marine, and one of the most soughtafter fitness and boxing coaches in the country. His clients include professional athletes and television personalities — many who call Greenwich home. Part of his service includes helping clients design the perfect home-based gym. Click here to read more.

Take Me Through Throwing The Perfect Boxing Punch by Hank R
“All punches were not created equal,” says Adam Colberg, a pro boxing coach at NYC’s legendary Gleason’s Gym. His perfect punch is an explosive right cross for a right-handed guy, or a left cross for a southpaw. Click here to read more.

Miami by Briqitte Quinn
His clients include television personalities, business moguls and even teenagers who want to build their self-esteem to ward off bullies. Westport native Adam Colberg’s been in the business of getting people into the shape of their lives for twenty years. Working out with Colberg is more than just strength training, hoisting kettlebells or boxing with him. It’s an hour of motivation from a high-energy former Marine who actually makes sweating fun, thanks to his relentless encouragement and great humor. Click here to read more.

Summer-Ready Arms by Adam Colberg
Adam Colberg put together the Sculpted-Arm Circuit for Serendipity readers add his 20-minute, four-part regimen to your daily cardio workout for toned and tighter arms. 1. Military Push-Ups. Bath Towel, 10-20 reps. Push-ups work the arms and the entire body. If you feel strong enough, you can start with your legs straight and push off from your feet. Or if you prefer, put a towel under your knees and start there. Click here to read more.

Into The Ring by Nicole Gull McElroy
Adam Colberg first got a taste for boxing while in the U.S. Marine Corps. But it wasn’t until 12 years ago, when he first visited South Florida Boxing in Miami Beach, that the martial artist decided to open his own gym to seriously train white-collar boxers and professionals. “I’m not a pro boxer, nor have I ever wanted to be, says Colberg, who first started training with three-time national champion Terry Southerland at the former Westport Boxing, a gym Colberg founded years ago in Westport, CT. Today, he owns and runs his own personal training business called BoxLikeAPro, and also trains clients at the famed Brooklyn boxing mecca, Gleason’s Gym. Click here to read more.

Pulling No Punches Boxing workout great for fitness, weight loss by Wendy Carlson
I’d never considered myself a contender, but I’d just thrown my first left jab and it made a satisfying pop in my trainer’s mitt. After about 10 minutes of ducking, bobbing and weaving my way around the ring, I started to feel as though I could like this sport, which was unexpected since boxing was a sport I had always loathed. My instructor, Adam Colberg, a professional coach at Brooklyn’s fabled Gleason’s Gym, wasn’t surprised. Colberg also owns BoxLikeAPro, where he trains neophytes like me on the rudiments of boxing. It doesn’t take long before most overcome the misconceptions about the sport and are hooked. Outside the ring, boxing also is popular among women who want to reach peak fitness. Click here to read more.

The Dream Team Trainers By Melissa Perkins
Adam Colberg owner, Trainer and Promoter of BoxLikeAPro and formerly Westport Boxing is outstanding because of the team of pros I have on my staff. From A to Z, they’re all here. Our team is our extended family. They are simply better than the best! It’s no secret. Go to and see for yourself. The pros and trainers show in the photo and on are available for personal training. I want to give a special thanks to all of our members and world-renown, ever-famous Gleason Gym for making this all possible. During these historically challenging times. It’s important to train harder and live stronger. Click here for more.

One-Two Punch By Sherri Daley
What do a dentist, a Westport housewife, and a four-year-old boy have in common? If you said boxing gloves, you’re pretty hip. Squash might be the sport to practice if you’re looking for a college scholarship these days, but boxing is the hottest trend in fitness for the rest of us. Yes, even those who are afraid to get hit. “We’re very careful,” says Adam Colberg , founder, trainer and owner of BoxLikeAPro. Tall and blond and disarmingly congenial, Colberg is a Staples graduate and a former Marine. He interrupted his studies at Southern Connecticut State University to fight in the Gulf War as a U.S. Marine, and has earned three black belts in various martial arts. “That’s why we’re pros!” Click here to read more.

Best Martial Arts Studio By Weekly Staff
Westport Boxing and MMA is a gym unlike any other in the area. For starters, they’ve got a staff of professional fighters to motivate and train clients one-on-one, and they have boot camp programs that turn wimps into warriors in just a couple of months.

There are a dozen trainers at the 5,000-square-foot gym, which includes a weight room, boxing ring and kettlebells. The majority of our programs are for white-collar fighters says owner Adam Colberg. Idris Price; a linebacker formerly with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets and New England Patriots and currently with the New York Dragons is a certified personal trainer who runs the sports training boot camp for aspiring athletes. Click here for more.

An Uppercut Above
One, two, keep those hands up, the trainer says from the sidelines. Stay on your toes, work on the hook, the jab, the right cross. No, it’s not a clip of Mickey coaching the fictional Rocky Balboa. Nor is it a scene from a documentary on Gleason’s Gym. It’s just another training session in the Westport Ring.

Owner/trainer Adam Colberg, a Westport native, says that he offers the ultimate fitness challenge. Given the arduous task of simply shadowboxing for a minute (try it, you’ll see), it’s hard to disagree. Colberg’s instructors include fighter Terry Southerland (three-time national champion with a professional record of twenty-one and three as a middleweight and former captain of the Navy boxing team) and martial arts experts and innovators Master Chung K. Chow and Errol Chung. Click here for more.