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Adam Colberg’s BOXING GUIDE: The Howcast boxing guide is a “how to” instructional series of boxing basics, hosted by Adam Colberg. It brings together a collection of 40 videos shot in Manhattan, New York City. Colberg’s performance is extraordinary. Every boxing video leaves you wanting more! He has a genuine ability to connect the movement, and offers outstanding instruction. It is truly the first boxing series of it’s kind that offers an in-depth educated approach to boxing movement and strategies. Enjoy viewing this exclusive Howcast boxing instruction series, and remember to “Train “Smarter, Not Harder.”

Adam Colberg’s Guide: Boxing Lessons for Beginners

Learn how to throw all kinds of punches and do some fancy footwork with the boxing techniques demonstrated in these how to box videos from Howcast.



Adam Colberg is one of the most sought after personal trainers in the fitness and boxing industry. He has trained NFL/NBA members, WBA, WBO & WWE world champions, numerous other pro boxing/MMA talents, wall-street and entrepreneur moguls, entertainment personalities, and other business professionals, including women and children. Colberg has been featured in/on Men’s Fitness, HBO, MTV, NBC, History Channel, Howcast Media, Healthy Life Magazine, Serendipity, Westport Magazine, Greenwich Time, among other projects.


Adam Colberg is an elite personal trainer, pro boxing coach, and strength & conditioning expert. Colberg has been featured in/on Men’s Fitness, MTV, NBC, HBO, History Channel, Howcast Media, Westport Magazine, Greenwich Times, Healthy Life, and Serendipity Magazine.


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